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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an lively, gay, friendly and non-aggressive English Toy Spaniel, who follows his owner with full dedication. He is an ideal companion capable to adapt to a great variety of homes and lifestyles. For the Cavalier it is truly irrelevant if you live in the countryside among fields and meadows, or at home with a big garden, or in a small apartment in the middle of town. It does not matter whether you are a singleton or have a large family with children and other animals. Your age also does not count at all. As long as the Cavalier may be with your (preferably 24 hours a day) and count on your love, he will be extremely happy.

Undoubtedly, his BIG advantage is his appearance. Large, round, dark and captivating eyes are the mirror of the Cavalier's soul - can hypnotize anyone. A plushy face with long and feathered ears, silky coat pleasant to touch, and a constantly moving plumlike tail make you will not be able to go near him with indifference. What's more, this four-legged miracle appears in four color varieties: Blenheim, Ruby, Black & Tan and Tricolor.

Because of their small size (and willingness to watch TV while lounging on your lap) the Cavalier is often considered a "lap dog" but you can not call them "inactive". They have a fearless nature and possess all the lively sporting instincts of their larger Spaniel cousins. With great enthusiasm they will try to keep up with you on your morning jog, or during a long trip on the tourist trail, will bring you back a thrown favorite toy and practice Agility with you.

In addition, the Cavalier is a very intelligent creature who learns quickly and willingly works with his owner. Properly trained they work well as a dog therapist all the while infecting the whole world around with their optimism.