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Here is an oridinary story of an extraordinary dream come true..

For as long as I can remember, having a dog has been a deeply rooted ambition of mine. A long-cherished dream that once seemed so far away from achievement. Nevertheless, I continued hoping and my wishes have been fulfilled.

Just before getting married in 2007 and moving to our new flat we decided to get a dog. Or shall I say – not a dog but a friend and a companion to share our life with. We didn’t have much expectations – a rather small, lively, intelligent and curious puppy would be a perfect match for us. I then did some extensive research over the Internet and among various toy-breeds my attention was drawn to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Description stated clearly its good nature, jocular character and devotion. But worth more than a thousand words – it was a picture of a beauty that took my breath away.

I knew it instantaneously – this will be MY dog.


Two years later, after a long search of our dream puppy and many months of waiting for it, in our home arrived a small and adorable creature - Ray Of Sunshine Moravia Eden "Viki".


That is how our adventure with this wonderful breed began.


Our dogs are full members of our family.

They live with us at home, lying down on our couches or our knees, are surrounded by loving care of both our and veterinary and participate fully in our lives. They are spoiled almost as much as our baby girl - Lili.

Health of our dogs is paramount for us. The Veterinary Center "Animus" takes care about the health of our dogs.

Additionally, each year, eyes and hearts of our dogs are examined - tests are performed by specialists. Also, when they are two years old, their patellas are tested for patellar luxation.